Post Graduate Diploma in Natural Health Nutrition (12 months)

Executive Diploma in Natural Health Nutrition (6 months)

Centre for Nutrition and Dietetics Studies (CNDS)


Programme Offered:

Natural Health Nutrition by Centre for Nutrition and Dietetics Studies, IGMPI

About Centre for Nutrition and Dietetics Studies (CNDS)

Centre for Nutrition and Dietetics Studies (CNDS) has been set up under the aegis of IGMPI registered as a non-profit society (under The Societies Registration Act, 1860) with the Government of India.The Centre is committed to promote proper diet and nutrition which is crucial to the health and happiness of the society at large.

CNDS is imparting education in the field of Nutrition and Dietetics to thousands of knowledge seekers in the classroom setting as well as research dissertation, field and online learning training programmes.

CNDS provides and education programmes and imparts extensive knowledge through classroom and online modes, in the holistic Nutrition programmes like Nutrition and Dietetics as well as specialized courses like diabetes education, paediatric nutrition, nutritional oncology, ayurvedic food and nutrition, obesity and weight management, clinical diabetology, nutritional gastroenterology and hepatology and many other programmes. Our courses are designed with outmost care given to the industry requirements and shaping careers in the field of Nutrition dietetics, medical and non-medical.

Students gets to experience the expertise from faculties who are specialized in Nutrition, dietetics, foods, pharmaceuticals, healthcare, etc. The centre is well equipped with all the teaching aids and advance laboratory equipment and devices.

The Centre is committed to making nutrition accessible to everyone through nutrition recommendations, easy-to-follow explanations, interactive two way communication lectures, dynamic presentations of the lectures.Apart from this the center provides ample opportunities for the students to comprehend the latest diet plans and nutrition requirements with hands-on practices in Industry, Hospitals and Clinics.

Post completion of the all the courses, CNDS also provides job and Internship placement assistance to students in an easy and effortless way.


Institute of Good Manufacturing Practices India, registered as a non-profit society (under The Societies Registration Act,1860) with Government of India recognised by Ministry of Commerce & Industry, Government of India, accredited Vocational Institution of Ministry of Education, Government of India and approved by Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI) presents unique, friendly and interactive platform to get rid of all your GMP related glitches. GMP- is an essential element of industries like pharmaceutical, cosmetic, Ayurveda, biotech, homeopathic, medical device and food manufacturing. GMP in itself is the most dynamic part which witnesses frequent changes in terms of newer rules being added and older ones being renewed. Keeping self updated with current GMPs thus becomes inevitable to stay abreast with the changing industry needs and practices.

Our group of learned professionals from above mentioned sectors of the Pharma, Healthcare and Food industries have put together their knowledge; know about and practical experiences in form of this GMP guide. IGMPI is moving hand in hand with technology advances and has gained recognition as a stronger and better training platform provider for professionals and students in the areas of GMP, Quality Assurance and Control, Pharma, Food and healthcare Regulatory Affairs, Clinical Research, Pharmaceutical IPR and Good Laboratory Practice and Product Management. The importance of quality healthcare and foods is known to our founders and thus numerous efforts are being made to offer friendly but effective and easy regular and online/online sources of GMP training, Quality Assurance and Control, Pharma and healthcare Regulatory Affairs, Clinical Research, Pharmaceutical IPR and Good Laboratory Practice in form of formal classroom studies, online/interactive programmes, online seminars, as well as onsite training programmes along with knowledge of worldwide affairs of the industry; in short a round-the-clock help for any information in these areas needed by anybody from around the world. Based on high standard of quality, the training programmes in Pharma, Healthcare and Food GMP, Quality Assurance and Quality Control, Regulatory Affairs, IPR, Pharma Product Management, Public Health, Hospital Management, Clinical Research, Pharmacovigilance, Medical Writing, Medical Coding, Nanotechnology, Drug Design and Discovery, Food QA&QC etc areas have been approved by Quality Council of India, which is an autonomous body and an accreditation authority for education & vocational training providers under the Ministry of Commerce & Industry, Government of India.

The IGMPI's team of technology experts and other Industry advisors together pursue to make cGMP knowledge, training in the area of Pharma and Food manufacturing easily accessible, through this platform.

Accreditation and Awards

IGMPI is recognized by the Ministry of Commerce & Industry Government of India. Duly licensed and certified by Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS) under Bureau of Indian Standards (Conformity Assessment) Regulations 2018 (License number: CRO/QM/L-8004228) for offering education and training programmes in the areas of Pharmaceutical, Food, Nutrition and Healthcare.

Ministry of Commerce & Industry
Bureau of Indian Standards

Institute of Good Manufacturing Practices India (IGMPI) is registered as a non-profit society with its own Memorandum of Association and bye-laws under The Societies Registration Act, 1860, Government of India. IGMPI is an accredited Vocational Institution of Ministry of Education, Government of India.

The Post Graduate and Executive Diploma programmes of IGMPI in Good Manufacturing Practices, Regulatory Affairs, Intellectual Property Rights, Quality Assurance and Quality Control, Public Health, Nanotechnology, Hospital Management, Product Management, Sales and Marketing Management, Clinical Research, Medical Writing, Drug Discovery and Development, Pharmacovigilance, Medical Coding have been duly assessed and approved by Quality Council of India, Government of India based on fulfillment of QCI's following criteria:

  1. Programme Content
  2. Programme Design
  3. Programme Material
  4. Instructors
  5. Class size & Attendance
  6. Facilities
  7. Evaluation of Students
  8. Written Examination
  9. Certificate

IGMPI is also approved by Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI) (FSSAI ID: TPINS18). IGMPI® is licensed by Department of Food Safety & Drug Administration under the Drugs and Cosmetics Act, 1940 and registered under Food Safety and Standards Act 2006. QUALITY COUNCIL OF INDIA (QCI) has also conferred IGMPI with D.L. SHAH NATIONAL QUALITY AWARD, Certificate of Merit & ASSOCHAM has conferred IGMPI with the Services Excellence Award based on excellence of its services to the students and training participants.

IGMPI's Membership with IPA

IGMPI is a Lifetime Institutional member of Indian Pharmaceutical Association (IPA).


IGMPI's Membership with AFSTI

IGMPI is an Institutional member of The Association of Food Scientists and Technologists (India), (AFSTI).


Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS)

Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS) came into existence through an act of Parliament in 1987. BIS is the National Standard Body of India established under the BIS Act 2016 for the harmonious development of the activities of standardization, marking and quality certification of goods and for matters connected therewith or incidental thereto. The Bureau is a Body consisting of 25 members representing both Central and State governments, Members of Parliament, industry, scientific and research institutions, consumer organizations and professional bodies; with Union Minister of Consumer Affairs, Food and Public Distribution as its President and with Minister of State for Consumer Affairs, Food and Public Distribution as its Vice-President.

International Recognition

For providing its education and training services to overseas students, IGMPI is registered with the Directorate General of Foreign Trade, Government of India and our Export Import Code is AADCI7680Q.

IGMPI is an Institutional Member of the International Society for Quality in Health Care lSQua

Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS) is a member of International Organization for Standardization (ISO) and through the Indian National Committee (INC) which is a member of International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC). BIS is also a member of regional standards bodies like Pacific Area Standards Congress (PASC) and South Asian Regional Standards Organization (SARSO). India started taking part in IEC from 1911 and subsequently the then Indian Standards Institution (now BIS) took over the responsibility of Indian National Committee of IEC(INC-IEC) in 1949. Since then the INC-IEC is actively participating in the activities of the IEC both at the policy level and technical work and carrying out the responsibilities as member body of IEC Council. India is a member in Standards Management Board (SMB) of IEC since 2015.BIS has also signed Bilateral Cooperation Agreements (BCA)/Mutual Recognition Agreements (MRA) with the National Standards Bodies of several countries like Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Belarus, Egypt, European Union , Germany, Ghana, Greece, Indonesia, Iran, Japan, Jordon, Kenya, Kyrgyzstan, Mali, Mauritius, Nigeria, Russia, Saudi Arabia , Slovakia, Slovenia, Suriname, USA, UAE, Uzbekistan, Viet Nam, Bhutan, Brazil, Israel, Nepal, Pakistan and Sri Lanka.

National Accreditation Board for Certification Bodies (NABCB), Quality Council of India is a member of International Accreditation Forum (IAF) & Pacific Accreditation Cooperation (PAC) as well as signatory to its MLAs for Quality Management Systems, Environmental Management Systems and Product Certification. NABCB is also a Full Member of International Laboratory Accreditation Cooperation (ILAC) & Asia Pacific Laboratory Accreditation Cooperation (APLAC) as well as signatory to its MRAs for Inspection.

Post Graduate Diploma/Executive Diploma in Natural Health Nutrition

A Natural Health Nutrition is a health professional that works at Natural Health centres as a nutritionist with a general education in natural medicine at three different levels: educational, pre- emotive and remedial. They will be able to provide care on different fronts at the same time, nutritional therapy, nutritional balance and nutritional supplementation, biological and environmental hygiene, health education and general care. Students will learn topics such as bio-hygiene, basics of nutrition, naturopathic approaches. IGMPI is offering an opportunity this is an exhilarating time to track natural health education.

Many prehistoric ameliorate heritage such as acupuncture, Ayurveda, and herbal medicine, are having the advantage to modernized acceptance. Natural healing etiquette that was once deserted have become appreciated precinct of the Western healthcare industry, exceedingly as research continues to show momentous benefits to patients through comprehensive access. Change is not just from within the healthcare industry. People are looking for a hand on the wheel when it comes to their health. Instead of just taking prescription medications, many people want to be more involved in their personal well-being and in treating the source of pain or illness.

This means that people are looking for trained professionals to help them along the way to become a Certified Natural Health Nutritionist for those who understand that people are more conscious and concerned about their health. This professional typically works in a nutrition related to body and to assist it in its natural ability to heal and maintain health. Moreover, Yoga is an ancient art, and a natural way of remaining fit and healthy. It also helps in improving mental health. Dietary treatments are natural and non-invasive and include herbal remedies, lifestyle changes, and dietary modifications and in some case other complementary techniques including vegetarian diet, Fasting and Juice therapy and hydro therapy in Naturopathy centers, clinics, Ayurvedic Health Centres, Therapy Care Centres, Dietitian Clinics. This credential implies that you have achieved an advanced level of expertise and experience in the field.

This programme is aimed at improving the conceptual knowledge of the participants towards Natural Health Nutrition. A successful performance is this programme implies that the participant has in-depth knowledge and clear understanding of nutritional issues and health needs.

As a Qualified Natural Health Nutritionist, you may encourage natural diet and body detoxification plays an important role for the holistic development of the personality and health. It is utmost important to have technical and scientific knowledge of all the components such as hydrotherapy, diet therapy, magnet therapy etc. for promotion and preservation of health by natural and traditional ways.

Certified Study Resources:

Module 1 : Human Anatomy and Physiology

Module 2 : Foundation of Naturopathy

Module 3 : Introduction to Nutrients and its Classification

Module 4 : Food Categories and their impact on human body

Module 5 : Basic Principles of Dietetics and Nutrition

Module 6 : Introduction to Basic Nutrition through Life Span

Module 7 : Body Detoxication through Nutrition

Module 8 : Philosophy and Evolution of Naturopathic and Yogic Diet

Module 9 : Introduction to Fasting, Juice and Hydro Therapy

Module 10 : Introduction to Magnet and Aromatherapy Therapy

Module 11 : Healing Chronic Disorder through Nutrition and Naturopathy

Module 12 : Use of Herbal Supplementation in Naturopathy

Module 13 : Practical: Recipe Planning, Diet Planning

Module 14 : Case Studies


Graduation and Candidates appearing for the final year of Bachelor's degree/equivalent qualification exam or awaiting their results, are also eligible to apply.

Programme Duration

The duration to complete this programme is 1 year (Post Graduate Diploma), 6 months (Executive Diploma).


The registration dates for this programme run by the Institute are updated timely on the webpage. Effective Online learning tools incorporated into the design of the webpage make the programmes lectures, online live classes and study material easily accessible. This gives a huge window of self-regulated and self-paced performance to the participants.

Programme Deliverables

A comprehensive study material for all the modules in hard copies ensuring the needs of the audience. The accompanying training material is appropriately aligned with the current Industry’s expectations.

- Assignments for all the programme modules for continuous evaluation and guidance.

- Interactive or online live sessions on all key areas of the programme giving all flexibility to the participants.

- Online classes for all the modules will be conducted on the weekends. Moreover, a doubt clearing session will also be scheduled before the examination.

- All the efforts are made by IGMPI faculty members to make the entire programme modules easily understandable.

- Assessment and evaluation for all the programme modules in order to enhance the levels of competencies and skills of the participants leading towards the objective of application in the job.

- At the end of each programme modules, the trainers shall obtain feedback from the participants using specially designed questionnaires.

- All learning and training delivery initiatives shall be conducted in English.

Examination & Certification

IGMPI follows a credit system based on all learning activities involved in studying for all PG Diploma/ Executive Diploma Programmes. Each of your modules is equal to 4 credits. To successfully complete the programme, you will have to earn all the credits assigned to your programme.

All the participants are obliged to timely submit completed assessment assignments (during the programmes, usually after every module) and appear for an online exam at the end of the programmes. After successful completion, the participants will be awarded a Post Graduate Diploma/Executive Diploma in Natural Health Nutrition by Centre for Nutrition and Dietetics Studies (CNDS), IGMPI. For all the above-mentioned modules elaborate programme material, self-assessment assignments and project work details would be provided by the Institute from time to time. Details get updated on the webpage as well.

Placement Assistance & Corporate Relations

The Institute has partnered with many organizations for providing placement assistance to in its participants. The robust placement cell comprises of senior level Human Resources professionals and Talent Acquisition experts which maintains close links with business and industry. We are engaged in promoting the employability of our participants by maintaining good rapport and relation with HR cell and recruiting managers of leading food and agriculture companies across the globe. The efforts of our placement cell also include helping with professional resume writing, interview skills & conducting mock interviews etc.

In recent months the Institute has witnessed more and more participation from professionals working global Healthcare and Nutrition companies like Nestle, HealthifyMe, Herbalife Nutrition, HCL Healthcare, Infosys, and hospitals like Apollo Hospitals and other companies like Danone, Abbott, Twin Health, Hexagon Nutrition, Saarthi Healthcare, Goqii Technologies, Naturopathy hospitals like Arogya, Bapu Nature Cure Hospital etc.

Future career prospects

Centre for Nutrition and Dietetics Studies (CNDS), IGMPI's online programme is a professional programme targeted to cater the health industry needs trained health professionals. The information, guidance, practical training and off programme completion certificate will provide the participant with not one but many opportunities in the industry. This would come true in the form of job roles and positions like that of Nutritionists, Dietitians, Diet Technicians, Health Consultants, Position in Health Centres, Fitness Journalism and many more.

Advisory Board and team

Dr. Mahesh C Gupta, Chief Advisor and Professor:

Dr. Mahesh C Gupta is an experienced and internationally reputed scientist in the field of calibration, quality assurance and testing of the food industry. He has worked with many government organizations like National Physical Laboratory (NPLI), New Delhi for 32 years and later with Dubai Central Laboratory, Dubai as Principal Quality Officer. He has also played a vital role in developing lab accreditation program of India as Head National Calibration Program. He is also the founder president of Indian quality association. He has expertise and proficiency in various fields like food testing, equipment calibration, GLP, food analytical techniques, food quality assurance, food laboratory inter-comparison, proficiency testing, QMS and many more. With his knowledge and rich experience, he is focused on practical aspects of current needs, contemporary and emerging trends, besides alerting the laboratories for future challenges. A PhD from Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), New Delhi, Dr. Mahesh C Gupta has been associated as a Fellow with Optical Society of India, Fellow of Indian Society of Lighting Engineers and Vacuum society of India. He is also currently managing Lab World Magazine –a renowned world class magazine dedicated to Quality Testing and Calibration laboratories in all sectors- as the Editor in Chief.

Mr. Vinod Kumar Arora, Principal Advisor:

Mr. Vinod Kumar Arora is an internationally acclaimed industry professional having 35 years of rich experience in pharmaceutical development in the areas of Generics, Differentiated, NDDS/NCE Dosage Forms. He is now associated with IGMPI as an advisor. He joined Ranbaxy in 1983 where he initially worked as scientist for almost 4 years. He rejoined Ranbaxy in 1994 where graduated to Vice President level from Assistant Director position. During his association with Ranbaxy he developed products - Generics, Differentiated Generics, NDA's and NCEGlobal, market specific and OTC. Prior to his association with Ranbaxy, he worked as an Assistant General Manager with the Formulation Development Research in Cadila Laboratories, Ahmedabad and helped in setting up of Oncomanufacturing facility and developed several oncology products. He has expertise in Dosage Form development in the area of dosage forms – Solids -Tablets / Capsules / Granules / Pellets /PFOS/TFOS; Nonsolids –Liquid /Injectables including Lyophilised/Topicals, Inhalations – DPI/ pMDI and Nasal Spray, Dosage Forms Technology such as Nanotechnology, Depot Injection; Modified Release tablets/suspension, SelfEmulsifying System, Oro dispersing tablets/oro - dissolving strips; Particles/Pellets coating and has good understanding of current Good Manufacturing Practices and QA/QC. He has made presentations to NDAC Committee for New Drugs Approval in India, had meetings with Oman MOH and Pre IND meetings with USFDA. He has also authored/coauthored over 100 patents in the area of NCE/ Differentiated products /NDDS/Generics. With his knowledge and rich experience, he is focused on practical aspects of current needs, contemporary and emerging trends, besides alerting the pharmaceutical industries for future challenges. He is holding many honorary positions -Member of Indian Pharmacopoeia Scientific Body , Panel member of INMAS-DRDO, Ranbaxy Science Foundation Scholars Award , Global Expert committee member of DFE Pharma , Germany and Distinguished Scientist from World Whos Who Society , Member of Indian Pharma Committee of Make in India Campaign etc. He was felicitated by Hon'ble former President of India, Dr A P J Abdul Kalam for development and launch of first NCE – Anti malarial from India. Mr. Vinod Arora is a M. Pharm degree holder from BHU and DBM from IMM, New Delhi. As one of our principal advisors he will be supporting our initiatives nationally and internationally to rest of faculty members of IGMPI in imparting education, training and continuing education programs as well as our knowledge dissemination initiatives like Current GMP,QA/QC, Regulatory affairs ,Clinical research guidelines and news updates.

Dr. Syed S. Abbas, Director:

Dr. Syed S. Abbas is currently serving as the Director of IGMPI. Owing to his academic achievements and interests, Dr. Abbas has gained working knowledge of several sectors of the business industry, in his career span of twenty five years. His contributions to Pharma, Food and healthcare industries and development studies are numerous. Some of the generous ones count around the esteemed projects, work models, business agendas and organisational setup works he has plotted, guided and worked for in the Pharmaceutical, Nutraceutical, education and training Industry, Information Technology & Digital media industries, Pharmaceutical and Food products contract manufacturing and marketing, training, team building, research and export, and also non-governmental organizations, and many others. He has completed his Graduation in Science, Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) and Masters in Public Administration from Lucknow University and Executive MBA from Indian Institute of Management (IIM), Lucknow. He is a life time member of Indian Pharmaceutical Association (IPA). For his continued efforts and enterprising approach towards the education, training and career development, he has been conferred with Quality Council of India (QCI) – DL Shah National Quality Award 2015 & ASSOCHAM Services Excellence Award 2017

Dr. Abbas is also a nominated Governing Council Member of Regional Food Research & Analysis Centre, Lucknow, Department of Horticulture & Food Processing, Government of Uttar Pradesh.

As the Administrative head of IGMPI, he with his experience has been guiding and advising sincerely to bring forth a whole new bouquet of easy learning and training tools for all those using or planning to use or otherwise interested in gaining knowledge about Good Manufacturing Practices and related areas. His main emphasis is always to work for relevance in training imparted for various job profiles for the industry right from the shop floor to the top levels and also to ensure that IGMPI consistently provides training and other onsite services of the utmost quality, thousands of industry professionals as well as fresh pass-outs from Fortune 500 and global Pharmaceutical, Food and healthcare giants have been trained at IGMPI from across the world from the perspective of regulatory and audit compliance, competency development, career development and planning at IGMPI as a result under his leadership that also leads to high quality pharmaceutical and food products and human well-being.

Mr. Amitabh Srivastava, Senior Advisor:

A specialist of food safety and quality. Mr Srivastav has been playing a pivotal role in our FFSQ team. With a rich experience of 25 years in the food industry. He is an empanelled lead auditor for ISO 22000, HACCP, BRC, GMP, FSSC 22000, and ISO 9001. Mr Srivastava has completed almost 1300 audits and 24 witness audits by different Accreditation Board like NABCB, RVA, JAS-ANZ, Norway, DAC & KAN (Indonesia) with different CBs and carried out international audits in Kuwait,Nigeria and Dubai, and Singapore. He is an IRCA Approved LA Programmes as tutor on behalf of URSCertification. He has also provided HACCP training in Middle East (Kuwait) to Diet Centers. His scope ofwork also includes Supplier Audits, Certification Audits, FSMS and QMS. In QMS almost covering allsectors; in-house training (Catering, Hotels, Meat Industry, Slaughter House, Hotel ManagementInstitutes, Restaurants, Fast Food Chains),in FSMS Cat:C,D,E,G,H,M. For QMS he is covering all Sectors likeAmity University, National Productivity Council, and IHM. Prior to this Mr Srivastava was a TechnicalManager at K.V. Spices India (P) Ltd and he has also been with the D.S Group Catch Spices, Catch Water &Mouth Freshener Division.

Dr. Rita Mishra, Associate Professor:

Dr. Rita Mishra is an Associate Professor in Centre for Nutrition and Dietetics (CNDS), IGMPI. She has received her Ph.D. degree from Swami Keshwanand Rajasthan Agriculture University Bikaner (Rajasthan). She did her research work on ‘’Nutritional Status of Primary School Children aged 7-12 Years Residing in Rural and Urban Areas of Bikaner District, (Rajasthan)’’. She has worked as an Assistant Lecturer in Al Arab Medical University, Bengzahi, Libya and taught Programmes of Food and Nutrition in Public Health Department. She has worked in Gangotri Devi Mahila Degree College, Gorakhpur U.P. She has worked as an Assistant Professor with Institute of Nursing M.J.F. College of veterinary & Animal Sciences. She has presented poster on the topics “A Study of Awareness of Adulteration in different food products in Bundelkhand region, Jhansi” Holistic Approach to Nutrition and Wellness, Department of Home Science, Abstract PHNWP.36 and “How safe is laboratory in Derna (Libya)” Poster Presented in XXXII Biennial Conference of Home Science Association of India- Family and Community Science. Abstract II& III P27, P122-193.

Ms. Preeti Gupta, Assistant Professor:

Preeti Gupta is currently working as an Assistant Professor at Centre for Nutrition & Dietitics, IGMPI and she is a holistic nutritionist Expert. She has received her Master Degree from Banasthali Vidyapith University, Jaipur. She also worked with different reputed hospitals and educational institute and also done a project on “Development of Fibre Rich Biscuits Incorporation with Mix Fruit Pomace”. She has specialization in Food and Nutrition, Public Health and Dietetics, foundation to human development, adolescent and adulthood nutrition, clinical and Child care nutrition and nutrition in Sports, Fitness and Yoga. She also has given workshops on Blood diets, Cancer Diets, Water Therapy, Alkaline Diet and done talk show on healthy eating habits for Harbour Press International and conducted various Webinar on “Importance and History of Indian Food and its Benefits”. Honored as Chief Dietitian at for live talk on healthy eating in their social media platform. At IGMPI, she is responsible for taking lectures for students on the topics like Nutrition and Dietitics, Nutraceuticals, Clinical nutrition, Diabetic and Pediatric nutrition and Sports nutrition.

Ms. Kanchan Vashisth, Associate Professor:

She is a senior faculty member at IGMPI. Prior to her association with IGMPI, she has been working as a teaching faculty in University of Delhi as Assistant professor as well as guest faculty. She has taught both graduate and post graduate Programmes like B. Tech. Food technology, B.Sc. Food technology and M.Sc. food & nutrition and has also been a Counselor in IGNOU. She is NET qualified and has rich experience of 12 years in the food industry. She has been working in SGS India for 7 years as an Assistant manager in Food and Agricultural Department. She has specialized knowledge about food testing of various products, from grain to ready to eat, in compliance with both national and international standards like AOAC, ISO, AOCS, ICUMSA, FAC, and Quality which include preparation of SOP & IOP, documentation as per ISO 17025. She has successfully handled various audits carried out by BIS, NABL (ISO17025), as well as client audit like GSK, Ranbaxy, Nestle, Kraft etc. During her tenure in SGS she has handled many projects with MNCs like GSK, P&G, Nestle and wriggly. Prior to SGS, she has worked as a part of the R&D team in MFIL (a subsidiary of HIL) for 2 years where her core area was new product development. She was also a part of the quality team and used to help in implementation of HACCP. She has proficient knowledge in 5S, LEAN, LIMS programmes and equipments like GC, ICPMS, HPLC and LCMS. She has been certified in sensory analysis and proximate testing by CFTRI, ISO 22000 by BSI, Bakery by US wheat association. She has had industry exposure in FRAC and AVONfoods.

Ms. Amrita Bhattacharya, Associate Professor:

Amrita is associated with IGMPI as an Associate Professor. She has a rich exposure in new product development and research. Her fields of interest are related to the biotechnological aspects of Food Science. She has experience in facing FDA inspections & audits. At FFSQ she oversees the development of modules & e-lectures .She has gained valuable experience in clinical research & new product development due to her association with reputed companies like Fortis Clinical Research Ltd and Jubilant Clinsys Ltd, a sister concern of Jubilant Foodworks having almost 5 years of experience. Amrita has also performed pre-qualification and post-qualification audits for Quality Assurance & Quality Control & Good Manufacturing Practices. Amrita has completed her graduation in Microbiology from Lady Amritbai Daga & Smt. Ratnidevi Purohit College for Women, Nagpur and Master's Degree in Biotechnology from Rani Durgavati University, Jabalpur. She also did PG diploma in clinical research from Sharda University to enhance her knowledge in the field of clinical research.

Ms. Bincy Abraham, Assistant Professor:

Bincy is working as a Assistant Professor with IGMPI. She is responsible for developing training modules, e-lectures, personal lectures in the domain of Pharma Product Management, food Product Management and Pharma Sales and Marketing Management. Prior to working with IGMPI, she was associated with Arya Institute of Engineering and Technology as an Assistant Professor. She also worked as trainer in her college facilitating the Management and Engineering students with practical, interactive and fun filled activity based trainings through classroom lectures and seminars. She is a post graduate in Management with specialization in Human Resource and Finance from FMS-The IIS University Jaipur. She has completed her graduation i.e. B.Tech in Electronics and Communication Gyan Vihar School of Engineering and Technology. Fast paced solutions, creative techniques and innovative ideas coupled with her expertise in Management & Marketing areas facilitate her as a fully dedicated and passionate trainer and a lecturer.

Ms. Ankita Gururani, Assistant Professor:

An industry professional with management experience, Ankita Gururani has been associated with implementation of quality assurance in FMCG sector. She has completed her Bachelors in Medical Microbiology from H.N.B Central University and Masters in Microbiology from Amity University, Noida. Apart from these, she has also acquired a certification on Patent Analyst and has thorough knowledge on IPR, database searches. SWOT, CI, patent portfolio and landscaping. She has also worked with Britannia India Ltd., where she had been entrusted with the responsibility of conducting internal audit programmes and implemented QNN and 5S as part of manufacturing excellence. At IGMPI, Ankita has an important role to play in the development of the Programme content and training modules in the field of food safety and quality assurance with an objective of achieving larger mission and goals of the organization.

Mr. Joshua Martin, Assistant Professor:

Joshua has a pivotal role in the development of the Programme content and training modules in the field of food technology. His fields of interest are food safety, FSMS, GMP, HAACP & other standards and food packaging. He has a rich exposure from a variety of food industries like rice, sugar, meat, cereals, snack foods and beverages as a consultant in terms of Food Safety Management System implementation and standards like ISO2200, FSSC2000, BRC, SQF, supplier audits, etc. He has completed in Food Technology with specialization in Food Process Engineering from SHIATS-DU, Allahabad. His project works are an evidence of his scientific acumen, entitled "Increasing efficiency of Doypack machine using the six sigma technique (DMAIC)" and "To Relate Density With Temperature at Constant T.S.S. & Density with T.S.S. at Constant Temperature for Tomato Sauces" Prior to joining FFSQ he was also associated with Nestle in the Culinary Department. He is an FSSC 22000 certified lead auditor from SGS, India.

Ms. Rekha Lohkna, Assistant Professor:

Her specialization includes Quality control and management. Her role at FFSQ includes assistance to Senior Advisors & Professors in development of Programme content and training modules along with guiding students regarding food safety and quality. She has worked as an Assistant Professor in Food Technology Department at BFIT, Dehradun before joining FFSQ. She has completed her in Food Technology with specialization in Food Quality Management from SHIATSDU, Allahabad and B.Tech in Biotechnology from Shobhit University, Meerut .Her research work at Central Food Technology Research Institute, Mysore (CFTRI) was entitled "Incorporation of Lotus Rhizome flour in Bakery products and study of its nutritional properties" where she was in the Flour Milling, Bakery & Confectionary Department. Rekha has been associated with the well known ice-cream manufacturer "Cream bell" in the QA Department as well.

Dr. Ankita Gattani, Assistant Professor:

A Bachelor's in Dental Surgery (B.D.S) from Rajasthan University of Health And Sciences, Rajasthan. A dynamic person with experience in public health ventures at college and school levels. She has also been involved in holding health camps at village levels to promote dental hygiene. At IGMPI her role is module development and lecture preparation and providing assistance to students. Her fields of interests are Public Health, Clinical Research, Pharmacovigilance, Conservative Endodontics and Community Dentistry.

Ms. Monica Singh, Assistant Professor:

She has completed her in Food Safety and Quality Management, from National institute of technology Entrepreneurship and Management (NIFTEM) Deemed to be University (De-novo Category) under Section 3 of the UGC Act, 1956 An Autonomous Institution under Ministry of Food Processing Industries, Government of India, Sonepat, Haryana, India and B.Tech in Biotechnology from IMS Engineering College, Ghaziabad. Ms.Monica has acquired sound knowledge about food safety and quality at industry with specialization in Quality Assurance where she was involved in the maintenance and implementation of Global GAP, Tesco TN10 standard, BRC and Field to Fork standards at Field Fresh Foods Private Limited. Her fields of interest are food quality and safety standards and regulations, food toxicology and food testing. Her research at NIFTEM was in green tea's quality assessment in different flavors.

Ms. Akanksha Pundhir, Assistant Professor and Programme Co-ordinator:

A dedicated faculty member and with a developed scientific acumen Akanksha, she has completed her in Food Processing Technology from Guru Gobind Singh Indraprastha University, Dwarka and B.Tech in Biotechnology from Amity University, Noida. She has done research projects on "Utilization of food waste" from IP University and also on "Enrichment of sugar free ice cream with wine lees" at National Research Centre for Grapes, Pune. Also, she undertook a training programme on basic food testing techniques in FICCI Research and Analysis Centre(FRAC labs), Dwarka. Her list of exposures to industry include; Delhi Milk Scheme (DMS), YAKULT, Haldirams, and Mother Dairy. At FFSQ, she provides assistance to senior faculty members in module development and lecture preparation and takes coordinates with the food companies for successful placements for our students. Her interest fields are new product development, food packaging and nutraceuticals.

Ms. Joshita, Assistant Professor:

An enthusiastic faculty member with keen interest in Food Safety and Regulatory Affairs. She is a post graduate with M.Tech in Food Processing Technology from Guru Gobind Singh Indraprastha University, Dwarka. She has undertaken various research projects including "Antimicrobial activity of probiotics" from CITM and "High dietary fiber biscuits from citrus pulp" from GGSIPU. She has studied "Supported Liquid Membrane technique for selective extraction of organic acids" from CFTRI, Mysore and successfully applied it for Lactic acid removal from Dairy products. Joshita has technical expertise in basic food testing procedures learned from her professional training experience at FRAC Labs, SRL Laboratories and Belcopharma. Her industrial exposure includes Nirula's Corner Pvt. Ltd., Delhi Milk Scheme and Yakult. Currently, working as an Assistant Professor at IGMPI, she is involved in preparation of Programme content and module development.

Chayanika Sahni, Assistant Professor:

A young competent member of IGMPI, with notable work in ‘Probiotics’ research and development where she worked for formulation of probiotics and probiotics in skimmed milk powder. She has also authored research papers published in the journals ‘Biomedicine & Preventive Nutrition’ and ‘LIPIDS’. Apart from this, she has accomplished other research projects from Defence Institute of Physiology and Allied Science, DRDO (Defense Research and Development Organisation) and Indian Agricultural Research Institute (IARI), PUSA, Delhi. She has undergone professional training programmes from All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS), Delhi and Jamia Milia Islamia, Delhi in addition to an ISO: 22000 training for internal auditor. She is proficient with key skills for Microbiological analysis, Chemical analysis (Nutritional, Dietary fibre, Antioxidants analysis etc.) as well as instrumentation techniques (GC/MS, HPLC). During her industrial stint, she worked for Nestlé (Product Technology Centre), Konolfingen, Switzerland and Haldiram’s Marketing Pvt. Ltd., New Delhi.

Ms. Neharika Thakur, Assistant Professor:

A logical thinker with immense aptitude for research and development work, Ms. Neharika is a work-driven spirited member of the IGMPIteam. She has completed her B.Sc. in Food Technology from Delhi University and M.Sc. in Food Science and Technology from Pondicherry University. Ms. Neharika has qualified UGC NET in Home Science and ICAR NET in Food technology multiple times. Being an active member of the research community, she has authored a few research publications in international journals and her work with “Utilization of deoiled peanut cake in bakery products” is particularly noteworthy. With her sporty spirit and resolution to leave no work incomplete, she is a constant source of inspiration for the students as well as faculty members. Prior to joining IGMPIshe has worked as Assistant Professor in ITM University, Gwalior and had research exposure at ICAR institute. At IGMPI, she is involved in lecture delivery and research guidance while conducting interactive sessions with the students.

Ms. Sangita Borah, Assistant Professor:

Ms. Sangita is a competent professional with experience in biochemical studies, food quality testing, equipment handling, and research & development. As a part of Faculty of Centre for Nutrition and Dietetics Studies, she is responsible for developing training module, lectures and research in the domain of food processing and technology. She has qualified ICAR-NET in Food technology and her academic credentials include Masters in Food Processing and Technology from Tezpur University, Assam and graduation in Biotechnology from Shillong. She has always been a keen participant of international conferences, seminars, and workshops in the field of food safety and quality improvement of food supply chain. Prior to joining IGMPI, she has worked as Research Analyst in Rai University and Sr. Research Fellow (SRF) in Tezpur University.

Ms. Akanksha Bhandari, Assistant Professor:

As a young trainer, known for her vibrant presence and unmatched dedication towards work, She has taken the responsibility of imparting a whole new meaning to IGMPI's resolution of knowledge dissemination. Ms. Bhandari is a B. Pharm, M. Pharm qualified professional from Punjabi University with a Certification in Intellectual Property Rights. She has an impressive hold over the concepts of pharmacovigilance, clinical research, regulatory affairs, and good manufacturing practices and is proficient in handling of sophisticated equipments. Her areas of interest include patent searching, drafting, & writing specifications, Novel drug delivery systems, and Modified release oral dosage forms (Formulation Optimization). Her industrial exposure encompasses IDS Infotech and BRD Medilabs for production and analysis of oral liquids and tablets. Prior to IGMPI, She has worked at Galgotias University, Department of Pharmacy as Assistant Professor.

Ms. N.C. Swathi Sirisha, Assistant Professor:

She worked as Faculty member in Dept. of Food Technology& Management at Loyola Academy Degree & P.G. College, Secunderabad after completion of Masters in Food Technology from Sri Venkateswara University, Tirupati. She qualified UGC-NET for Lectureship and received Internal Auditor Training (ISO: 22000, FSMS). She also completed MBA in Business Administration with Energy Management and Production Management as electives from IIBM, New Delhi. Her interests lie in the field of Food Preservation and Processing, Food Product Development, Food Quality and Safety. Her industrial exposure includes Internships' at Vijaya Diary, Hyderabad and Little Star Foods; Hyderabad and research exposure includes projects at ICRISAT, Patancheru; S.V. University, Tirupati and Loyola Academy, Secunderabad.

Ms. Binu Bhatia, Associate Professor:

She has 12 years’ experience of teaching and research and 3.6 years of clinical experience. She is the recipient of “BEST PRESIDENT POSTER AWARD” at 44th Annual National conference of Indian Dietetic Association, AIIMS, New Delhi, 3-5 Nov. 2011 for paper presentation in Poster Session on "NUTRITIONAL AND SENSORY EVALUATION OF A HEALTH MIX DEVELOPED FROM BANANA POWDER". She has also been awarded as second best poster award in Poster Session on "ASSESSING THE EFFICACY OF NUTRITION EDUCATION INTERVENTION AMONG THE COLLEGE GIRLS ON OBESITY" at INTERNATIONAL SEMINAR ON OBESITY AND ITS RELATION TO BODY COMPOSITION held on 2 June 2011 at Faculty of Applied Science, Manav Rachna International University.

Also Qualified National Eligibility Test (Lectureship/AssistantProfessorship)-2004 Agricultural Scientists Recruitment Board (ICAR).Completed The International Society for the Advancement of Kinanthropometry (ISAK) level 1 anthropometry Programme and was trained on proper land marking techniques and how to collect a restricted profile (8 skin folds, 4 girths, 2 bone breaths, weight and height). Her research interests include public health nutrition, therapeutic nutrition, nutrition education, childhood obesity and junk food, food product development etc. She has guided more than 25 M. Sc. Dissertation. She has presented papers at numerous national and international conferences and has more than 25 article publications in health magazines and dailies such as Deccan Herald, Delhi Times etc. to her credit. She has edited a book named “Scientific Approaches for Performance Enhancement” and was also on the editorial board of Special Issue of MR International Journal of Applied Health Sciences. She is a member of several academic bodies including the Nutrition Society of India and Indian Dietetic Association, the Indian Society for Parental & Enteral Nutrition. She had held the post of Executive Member of Indian Dietetic Association, Delhi Chapter (April 2011-2014) and Joint Secretary, Indian Dietetic Association, Delhi Chapter (2015-2018).She has delivered several radio talks, participated in live programmes, career counseling for Community Radio Station RMR 107.8 and other FM and TV channels. She has organized and coordinated various National and International Conferences, Seminars and Workshops.

Ms. Kajal Verma, Associate Professor:

A highly seasoned and conscientious Faculty of Food with over eight years of professional standards for safe food handling and distribution. She holds an degree in Food tech from Gautam Buddha University. Skilled researcher of evolving food production trends to optimize safety and sanitation of all products. Adept multitasker able to address a high volume of students and management projects and questions with full professionalism and accuracy. She has extensive knowledge of quality assurance activities including audits recommending and implementing corrective actions providing accurate documentation of statistical reports and ensuring overall compliance. Demonstrated excellence in communication skills with various levels of management state and federal regulators stakeholders and suppliers.

Kajal is a Certified Food Safety Team Leader (FSTL) from two Industries, Certified FOSTAC Trainer and Internal Auditor. She has handled ISO (22000), FSSC 22000, HACCP, FSMS, CCP, PRPs, Validate SOPs, Checklist. She has worked with the analysis of raw material of food products, packing Material, testing water quality, handled Inhouse Audit Program and validated hygiene checklist. She has also worked with quality parameters of Tomato sauce, Tomato soup, Vinegar, Tomato paste, Continental sauce, Tomato puree, Sugar Syrup and Chocolate Topping, handled microbiological parameters like detecting of nonpathogens and pathogens, worked with quality and microbiological parameters of fresh, chilled, and frozen meat and meat products.

Ms. Swarnima Dey, Assistant Professor:

Swarnima Dey is an Assistant Professor at IGMPI. She has completed her B.Sc Food Nutrition from Lady Irwin College, Delhi University and M.Sc in Food Technology from Sam Higginbottom University of Agriculture, Technology and Sciences, Allahabad (Uttar Pradesh). Now she is on the verge of completing her Ph.D in Food Technology from Amity University. She holds a research experience of 3.5 years as a Senior Research Fellow at National Institute of Food Technology Entrepreneurship and Management (NIFTEM). She also has a teaching experience of 1 year at NIFTEM. She has been actively involved in organizing various training programmes for village people to help them improve their economic stability. She actively participates in many conferences and seminars. Her involvement with IGMPI helps students to have a better understanding in research and new product development areas. She has a good expertise in the field of Millets, Milk and Milk Products, Bakery, Meat and Seafood Technology.

Ms. Anchal Awana, Assistant Professor:

Ms Anchal Awana is an Assistant Professor Faculty of Food Safety and Quality,IGMPI. She pursued M-Tech in Food Safety and Quality Management from NIFTEM (National Institute of Food Technology Entrepreneurship and Management). She has completed her B-Tech in Food Technology from University of Delhi (Institute of Home Economics). She has experience in the Spice Industry and has extensive knowledge about Food Regulatory Affairs. She is a certified internal auditor for BRC version 8 and ISO 22000:2018 (Food Safety and Management System). She has professional skills of labelling regulations for export and domestic market, packaging regulatory and complaint handling, SOP development and management for quality rejection and recall and traceability. At IGMPI, she guides and trains students to pursue their career in the food industry.

Mohammad Atiq Alam, Assistant Professor (Product Management):

A pharmaceutical sales, marketing and product management professional with rich management experience in pharma companies like Abbott Healthcare, BSN Medical India and Fresenius Kabi , Mohammad Atiq on various profiles like Area Business Manager / Territory Business Manager is responsible for teaching and industry oriented intensive training for our product management, sales and marketing and medical sales programmes. He is also coordinating and providing assistance to senior faculty members in updating and finalizing the training modules, content and methodology. He is an MBA in Pharmaceutical Management from Jamia Hamdard New Delhi and a Bachelor of Pharmacy from Uttar Pradesh Technical University Lucknow.

Ms. V K Mandavi, Assistant Professor:

She is a young and dedicated member of IGMPI who has brought an innovative approach towards food safety and quality. She is involved in imparting training for our various regular and online learning programmes as well as FSSAI Food Safety Supervisor training. She has completed her B.Tech & M.Tech in Food Technology from UPTU. In addition to these, she is HACCP Level 2 certified, FoSTac ToT certified and Food Safety Digital Mitra (FSSAI). She had industrial exposure in Haldiram’s (Snacks and Sweets), Barmalt (I) Private Limited and Signature Industries Pvt. Ltd. She has earned quality experience in defining & implementing quality standards, inspection of both raw & finished product. She has had a rich exposure to technical as well as regulatory aspects of product testing from her experience in Quality Control department. She has also worked as Food Safety Auditor and has a rich experience in third parting audits.Her professional skills include designing and implementing Quality systems within organizations; Performing audits; Preparation and review of SOP's, Protocols; Managing regulatory and sponsor inspection and performing Vendor Qualification Audits. She has also imparted Onsite trainings on Food Safety & Hygiene as & when required by the clients. She has sound knowledge on topics including GMP, HACCP, Food Safety, Food Hygiene and Food Quality Management System (FSMS).

Ms. Priyanka Rawat, Assistant Professor:

She is a diligent professional having exposure to both academics and industry. She is working with IGMPI as an Assistant Professor from more than 2.6 years. She has completed M.Tech in Food Technology from Amity University. She is responsible for develop training modules, e-lectures, online live lectures and personal lectures delivering her best of knowledge in food processing, food science and technology, food chemistry, bakery and confectionary, bakery science and technology and new product development. She also provides academic advisement to students including assistance with thesis and dissertation completion. She manages major projects of students to complete their project work. She explores and develops new product by keeping in view of their nutritional value with planned schedule and prepare reports of completed projects for publication in technical journals. She has major publications with CSIR- CFTRI, Mysore on the project of by- product utilization from the food Industry on the topic entitled “Development and Evaluation of Fortified Traditional Snack Food from Wheat Germ”. She has also worked and published a paper while working in the Surya Food & Agro Ltd (Priyagold Biscuits) on the project entitled “Development and Evaluation of Gluten-Free Biscuits by Incorporation of Mahua Powder as Natural Suga ”. Apart from this, she has worked in Jubilant Fresh Pvt. Ltd. ,Noida on the project of Ready to Eat Salads for Dominos etc. She has industrial exposure in Cremica Agro Pvt. Ltd., Greater Noida, and Haldirams (Snacks and Sweets), Noida. She has published few research papers and review literatures under her name.

Ms. Rafat Abedi, Deputy Director:

Rafat Abedi is our Investor & Deputy Director. She has been investing in this nonprofit making organization with the primary objective of knowledge dissemination in food cGMP and organic foods. She looks after administration of FFSQ, training co-ordination, training kits and study materials development and entire logistics for FFSQ. She has previous rich experience in education, training and coordination of computer application and management programmes.

Ms. Satarupa Ghosh, Programme Coordinator:

She has completed B.Sc in Biotechnology Hons. from Royal School of Management and Technology, Utkal University, Bhubaneswar, Odissa and M.Sc. in Biochemistry from Boston College for Professional Studies, Jiwaji University, Gwalior. She has done specialized training related to HLA B27 typing and possesses hands-on skills on other routine diagnostics in Molecular diagnostic division learnt from SRL Religare Laboratories, Gurgaon. She has also done PG. Diploma in Clinical Research from Hyderabad.

Ms. Tanvi Gaur, Associate Manager (Placement):

With a prior experience in market research, Tanvi is responsible for all promotional activities in FFSQ which includes programme coordination, representing the organization in various events and conferences and taking participants' feedback on a regular basis in order to further improve the quality of deliverable and services to them. She is also responsible for corporate interactions and nominations for our various training programmes. Moreover, she assists senior faculty members in development of training modules related withmanagement. She has completed her B.Tech with Computer Science as specialization from Guru Gobind Singh Indraprastha University (GGSIPU), Delhi and MBA with specialization in Human Resources from GGSIPU, Delhi

Mr. Deepanshu Soni, Technology Officer:

With a rich experience in Software Development, Web Development, application development, Deepanshu works as a Technology Officer and is responsible for all the technical works and new initiatives at FFSQ in order to make our Learning Management System (LMS) and other web services to our training participants and students user friendly. He also possesses technical competence and interest in the areas of code development, web design etc. He has completed his B. Tech in Information Technology (I.T) from Vindhya Institute of Technology and Science, R.G.P.V University, Bhopal.

Md. Rameez Akhtar, Associate Programme Manager:

He is dedicated towards maintaining a quality service and continuous improvement of management standards at IGMPI. He upholds his responsibility of maintaining a healthy relationship with existing and potential delegates by carrying out regular follow ups and interactive sessions for dealing with various queries. His academic tenure comprises of Bachelor in Artys and Masters in Business Administration. He has made serious efforts towards understanding the requirements of potential delegates and provided them with requisite support, information and guidance. He has earned rich experience in the field from his previous dealings at Ananya Creations Ltd., InterGlobe Technologies, Panasonic Toughbook and Pantaloons Customer Relationship Management.

Mr. Ujjaval Jain, Associate Programme Manager:

At IGMPI, his role covers making use of marketing background, interpersonal skills and managerial abilities for carrying out the promotional activities for potential delegates. He is responsible for programme coordination and management and often undertakes research work to expand database and ensuring the organization's involvement in events of notable significance. His academic profile comprises of B.E. (ECE) and MBA. Prior to working for IGMPI, he has worked as International Business Associate for Allan Lloyds Group, SNP Infra Research Solutions Pvt. Ltd. and ICICI Securities Ltd.

Mr. Pankaj Musyuni, Associate Visiting Professor:

An experienced professional in the fields of research and consultation for taxonomy of IPR (Intellectual Property Rights) including literature and prior art search for novelty, patentability analysis and infringement opinion for different markets and patent validity analysis. With an experience of more than five years in pharma industry & his expertise in IPR which is evident as he's a reviewer of dossier and validation activities related with GMP, ISO and FDA requirements for pharmaceutical human, animal, FMCG and pesticides sector regulatory affairs. Mr Pankaj has published around 13 research papers/articles in various well known journals. His work fields also include book/manual reviewing as well. Mr Pankaj is an M.Pharm, also holds a diploma in Management and an L.L.B. At IGMPI he plays a pivotal advisory role in module development, lecture preparation and student consultation.

Ms. Shivani Singh, Research Associate:

She is a young and dedicated member of IGMPI who has brought an innovative approach towards food safety and quality. She assists the senior faculty members in preparation of modules and lectures development. She has completed her M. Sc. (Food Technology) from Gautam Buddha University and graduation from Banasthalli University. In addition to these, she has completed a diploma Programme in Home Science with specialization in Food & Nutrition. Ms. Shivani has had industrial exposure in Haldiram's (Snacks and Sweets), Surya Agro Foods and Mother Dairy. She has earned quality experience in storage and preservation methods of juice and fruit pulp as well as quality analysis of products & raw material during her stay at Surya Agro Foods. Ms. Renuka Mahajan, Academic Associate:Her role is to develop training modules and to assist the senior faculty members in teaching, training and research. Her area of interest includes Quality Assurance and Total Quality Management. She has pursued her Bachelor's degree in Food Technology from Doon Valley Institute of Technology, Karnal affiliated to Kurukshetra University.

Advisory Faculty from Industry

Apart from regular faculty members, eminent and dynamic industrial professionals having rich industrial experience of upto 35-40 years have got associated with FFSQ in regular, online learning and Continuing Education Programme (CEP).The industrial professionals who have joined FFSQin this initiative have worked with reputed food companies in the areas of GMP, Food regulatory affairs, Food processing & preservation, Quality assurance and Quality control, Organic foods and food product management. The continuing education training programme has been launched with an initiative to provide training to work force in the industry on specific topics in short time period and to quick fix the issues with possible solutions by having an interface with senior industrial professionals.

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