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Farmley Healthy Snacking Report : 67% Indians prefer makhana and dry fruits as the go-to healthy snacks

Farmley, a leading wholesome snacking specialist, has released the first-ever Healthy Snacking Report 2024 at the Indian Healthy Snacking Summit in the National Capital


New model could aid provide expectant mothers a clearer path to safe fish consumption

Fish consumption during pregnancy is a complex issue. Fish provide essential nutrients like polyunsaturated fatty acids, selenium, iodine, and vitamin D, crucial for fe


New study unveils ketogenic diet's role in combating obesity

In a recent study published in Nature Metabolism, researchers found that ketogenic diet (KD)-induced bile acids (BAs) play a protective role against obesity.


Ethanolic extracts from olive leaves show response in combating cancer and infections

A recent study published in Antioxidants explored the therapeutic potential of ethanolic extracts from olive leaves sourced from Spain and Greece. The research highligh


Should you eat more dietary fiber? New study says it depends

Nutritionists commonly advocate increasing dietary fiber intake, but a recent study from Cornell University suggests that its health effects can vary significantly amon


The key to precision nutrition : Biomarkers of food intake

Nutrition's critical role in health necessitates precise dietary assessment tools for establishing health connections. A recent study in Nature Metabolism examines biom


FDA removes common soda ingredient over health risks

The FDA will prohibit the use of brominated vegetable oil (BVO) in food starting next month due to potential health risks revealed by recent studies. Effective August 2


The Organic World launches ‘Back to School’ programme with preservative-free natural flavoured & chemical-free eats

The Organic World has launched the ‘Back to School’ program to enrich the school experience with products tailored to children's needs and encourage sustain


Luxmi Estates introduces 19 exquisite new herbal tea blends

Luxmi Estates, a renowned name in premium teas, has unveiled 19 innovative tea blends. Crafted with dedication, these new offerings promise to elevate the tea-drinking


TeaFit enters global markets with exciting new product range

TeaFit, known for its health-focused beverages, launches its latest premium products: Saffron, Matcha, and Lemongrass. These beverages stand out with their unique


Marico expands its breakfast portfolio with Saffola muesli

Marico, a leading FMCG company in India, has unveiled Saffola muesli with flavour pops, aiming to capitalize on its strong presence in the adult breakfast segment. The


Karnataka Milk Federation plans to introduce Nandini idli & dosa batter in two months

The Karnataka Milk Federation (KMF) plans to introduce Nandini idli and dosa batter within two months, entering a breakfast batter market currently dominated by iD, Asa


Poor quality diet makes our brains sad

A low-quality diet may lead to brain changes linked to depression and anxiety, according to a groundbreaking study of 30 participants. Brain scans revealed differences


Nitrate from plant sources linked to lesser risk of mortality

Research from Edith Cowan University (ECU) shows that plant-sourced nitrate is linked to lower mortality risk, while nitrate from animal-based foods, processed meats, a


A high-fat diet may fuel anxiety

Recent research shows that feeding animals a high-saturated fat diet for nine weeks alters their gut bacteria, impacting brain chemicals and increasing anxiety. This st


Low-sodium alternatives may lead to major health benefits in Indonesia

Excessive sodium intake and inadequate potassium levels contribute significantly to high blood pressure in Indonesia. To address this, there is a push for widespread av


Abbott collaborates with the NACHC to expand access to nutritious food and improve health

Abbott and the National Association of Community Health Centers (NACHC) are collaborating on the Innovation Incubator initiative to improve access to nutritious foods a


Experts recommend nutritional interventions towards addressing lifestyle disorders, promoting wellness

In today’s fast-paced world, nutritional interventions can address lifestyle disorders and enhance wellness by strengthening immunity, boosting energy, and promot


Study reveals majority of Indians prioritise nutrition over taste

On World Nutrition Day, Wonderful Pistachios, a major pistachio grower and California Pistachios distributor in India, shared insights from a global study on urban Indi


Novel Concepts Medical's plant-based formula attains 99% reduction in cancer cell viability

Novel Concepts Medical is thrilled to announce groundbreaking findings from its laboratories in Israel, demonstrating the efficacy of its plant-based formula in signifi


Poor quality diet makes our brains sad

Research indicates that a poor diet may trigger brain changes linked to depression and anxiety, as per a study examining brain chemistry, structure, and diet habits of


Why do 1 in 10 Americans get eczema? Is it too much salt?

A UC San Francisco (UCSF) study suggests a connection between salt intake changes and eczema flares. Researchers found that higher sodium consumption correlates with in


Curcumin nanoparticles manifest promise in treatment of neurodegenerative diseases

A review in Foods by Italian researchers explores curcumin and curcumin-containing nanoparticles' neuroprotective potential in neurodegenerative disorders.


Omega-3 supplements show promise in battling osteoarthritis

A recent study in the Nutrients journal examined omega-3 polyunsaturated fatty acids' (PUFAs) effectiveness in managing osteoarthritis (OA) progression.


Garlic proves potent in decreasing blood sugar and cholesterol, study highlights

In a recent Nutrients journal study, Chinese researchers analyzed garlic's impact on blood lipid and glucose levels. With chronic diseases causing millions of deaths an


Ultra-processed foods linked to insomnia risk

Ultra-processed foods (UPF) may contribute to the insomnia experienced by about one third of adults, as per an analysis reported in the Journal of the Academy of Nutrit


Good Fettle redefines vegan protein with the introduction of PodNutrition

In a pioneering move set to transform fitness and nutrition in India, Good Fettle Pvt Ltd has introduced PodNutrition, an innovative vegan protein brand emphasizing tas


Green Protein introduces its tastiest plant-based protein- Ultimate

Introducing Green Protein's Ultimate plant-based protein powder – your essential summer nutrition! Bursting with plant-based protein and a variety of flavors, it'


Fuel this World Nutrition Day with Green Protein

World Nutrition Day underscores the vital role of nutrition in our lives, highlighting the importance of essential nutrients like protein. Despite its critical function


Eating more ultra-processed foods linked to cognitive decline, stroke, as per study

A recent study in Neurology® suggests a link between higher consumption of ultra-processed foods—like soft drinks, chips, and cookies—and elevated risks


FSSAI warns fruit traders to ensure compliance with prohibition of calcium carbide in fruit ripening

The Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI) has warned traders, fruit handlers, and Food Business Operators (FBOs) to strictly comply with the ban on calci


Food for thought: Study shows relation of key nutrients with slower brain aging

Researchers aim to understand brain health for better aging, particularly in preventing cognitive decline. A recent study in Nature Publishing Group Aging by the Univer


Aashirvaad introduces ‘Himalayan Pink Salt’ with no added colours

ITC Aashirvaad Salt has unveiled its latest product, Himalayan Pink Salt, also known as Sendha Namak or Saindhava Lavana in India, sourced from Himalayan salt mines, co


Plant-based diets could reduce the chances of disease progression in men with prostate cancer

New research from UC San Francisco suggests that men with prostate cancer could reduce disease progression by adding more fruits, vegetables, nuts, and olive oil to the


Centrum launches ‘Your Nutrition Matters’

Centrum, the world's leading multivitamin brand, has launched the 'Your Nutrition Matters' health initiative ahead of World Nutrition Day. This initiative emphasizes th


Personalized vitamin D guidelines based on latitude and skin type could tackle deficiencies

In a recent Nutrients journal publication, researchers calculated optimal vitamin D exposure times based on latitude, month, and skin type, considering clear-sky and al


Eggoz enters into frozen snack market with high-protein egg bhurji momoz

Eggoz Nutrition, a leading egg-focused consumer brand in India, has introduced a groundbreaking product, egg bhurji momoz, aimed at promoting farm-fresh, chemical-free


Study shows that plant-based diets reduce cancer and heart disease risks

In a recent study in PLOS ONE, researchers conducted an umbrella review to assess plant-based diets' impact on cancer, cardiometabolic diseases, and mortality.


Intermittent fasting shield against liver inflammation and liver cancer

Fatty liver disease often progresses to chronic liver inflammation and may even lead to liver cancer. Researchers from the German Cancer Research Center (DKFZ) and the


Dietary changes may treat pulmonary hypertension

Pulmonary hypertension presents distinct vascular changes in lung blood vessels, with detrimental outcomes like chronic lung disease and heart failure. University of Pi


Improved nutrition, sanitation associated with beneficial changes in child stress and epigenetic programming

A recent study led by a global-health researcher at UC Santa Cruz provides extensive insights into stress physiology and "epigenetic programming." Conducted in rural Ba


Frequent salt addition at the table escalates gastric cancer risk by 41%

A recent study in Gastric Cancer explored how often people in the UK add table salt to their meals and its connection to stomach cancer risk. Concerns about rising stom


Do flavonoids enhance cognitive function?

A recent study in the Nutrients journal explores the link between flavonoid consumption and cognitive function. Cognitive impairment, which encompasses difficulties in


Zydus Wellness introduces pilot for ready-to-drink beverage Glucon-D Activors

Zydus Wellness, a science-driven FMCG leader, is expanding its iconic Glucon-D brand into the electrolyte energy ready-to-drink (RTD) beverage sector with Glucon-D Acti


How do different people define 'healthy eating'?

A recent study in the journal Nutrients explored healthy eating perceptions and challenges among undergraduate students in Human Nutrition and Dietetics (HND) and Food


New study challenges one-size-fits-all approach to vitamin D supplementation guidelines across different populations

A recent study conducted by scientists from Trinity College Dublin delves into the complexities surrounding achieving optimal vitamin D levels across diverse population


Study finds: Inulin fiber exacerbates inflammatory bowel disease

A recent study by Weill Cornell Medicine researchers reveals that inulin, a fiber found in certain plant-based foods and supplements, aggravates inflammation in the gut


New VEGANScreener works to boost diet quality among European vegans

A recent study in Nutrients introduced VEGANScreener, a novel tool by European researchers to assess diet quality among vegans. Despite veganism's rising popularity in


Research reveals Blautia bacteria's crucial role in gut health and disease protection

A low-fiber Western diet can harm the gut's protective mucus barrier, increasing the risk of inflammation and infection. Researchers at Umeå University discovered


Diets rich in protein and anti-inflammatory foods may protect against cognitive decline

A recent study in the Nutrients journal explores the impact of a protein-enriched diet (PED) and an anti-inflammatory diet (AID) on cognitive impairment (CI) in elderly


Cranberry extracts may boost intestinal microbiota and help avert chronic diseases

A recent study by Université Laval and the Institute of Nutrition and Functional Foods (INAF) suggests that cranberry extracts may improve intestinal microbiota


Genetic propensity to higher arachidonic acid levels associated with lower bipolar disorder risk

A recent study in Biological Psychiatry by Elsevier suggests that individuals genetically predisposed to higher levels of arachidonic acid-containing lipids, found in f


Cinnamon, curcumin, and resveratrol show potential promise in diabetes inflammation fight

A recent Nutrients journal review explored cinnamon, curcumin, and resveratrol's efficacy in alleviating oxidative stress and inflammation in type 2 diabetes mellitus (


Food additive emulsifiers associated with increased risk of type 2 diabetes

A recent study in The Lancet Diabetes & Endocrinology examined the link between food additive emulsifiers and type 2 diabetes (T2D) risk.


Balancing diets: study highlights plant protein's impact on nutrient levels in Americans

A recent Nutrients study examined how increasing plant protein intake quartiles affects nutritional adequacy in the U.S. Plant-based diets are gaining popularity for he


Japanese study demonstrates link between dairy intake and odd-number carbon chain fatty acids

A recent Tohoku University study examined dairy consumption's link to odd-number carbon chain fatty acids (odd-FA) in Japan, a connection previously explored in Europe


Study reveals nutrition therapy's potential to manage gestational diabetes effectively

A recent study in Nutrients explores the use of medically directed nutritional patterns and supplements in managing gestational diabetes mellitus (GDM). GDM affects 1-3


Moderate vitamin E, C, and β-carotene intake decreases type 2 diabetes risk

A recent study published in Advances in Nutrition examines the impact of vitamins C and E, as well as β-carotene, on type 2 diabetes (T2D) risk.


Early legume intake provide better nutrition in toddlers

A recent article in the journal Nutrients delves into the positive impact of legume consumption on diet quality among young children.


Iron deficiency risk : Obese and overweight children

A University of Leeds study reveals that overweight or obese children and youth face a heightened risk of iron deficiency. Conducted by nutritional scientists, the rese


Scientists discover a missing linkage between poor diet and higher cancer risk

A National University of Singapore (NUS) research team uncovered insights linking cancer risk and poor diet, alongside conditions like diabetes. Their study, conducted


Seafood Can Pass on PFAS 'Forever Chemicals,' Study Findings

This week, the Biden Administration pledged to reduce cancer-linked 'forever chemicals' in tap water. New research shows these PFAS chemicals also contaminate seafood.


Most people With Heart Disease Consume Too Much Salt

Reducing sodium intake is vital for treating heart disease, yet a recent study finds most heart patients struggle to limit their salt consumption. On average, individua


Baskin Robbins introduces new product portfolio, redefining ice cream as anytime snacks

Baskin Robbins, India's top ice cream brand, unveils its latest summer lineup, catering to the growing trend of all-day snacking. With innovative products and flavours,


Britannia Winkin’ Cow extends its portfolio of Bourbon in a milkshake format

Winkin' Cow, the milkshake brand of Britannia in India, has forged a collaboration with Britannia Bourbon, marking a significant milestone for both brands. The introduc


World Health Day: Good health & healthy food-Consumer’s right

Is our health jeopardized due to the lack of warning labels on packaged foods? As we mark World Health Day 2024 under "My Health, My Right," access to accurate informat


Havmor Ice Cream launches a range of ice cream flavours for this summer season

Havmor, a cherished ice cream brand under LOTTE Wellfood Co. Ltd., has unveiled an enticing array of new ice cream flavours just in time for the summer heatwave. Commit


Britannia NutriChoice simplifies health monitoring nationwide with the launch of the NutriPlus app

Britannia NutriChoice, a leading biscuit brand in India, has launched its NutriPlus app in collaboration with Aktivo Labs, responding to the Indian Council of Medical R


Consuming fish during pregnancy doesn't affect kids' heart health, study finds


Cardiovascular diseases claim millions of lives yearly, but modifiable factors like diet and exercise can mitigate risk


A pilot study shows ketogenic diet improves severe mental illness

Individuals grappling with severe mental illnesses like schizophrenia or bipolar disorder often face a conundrum with standard antipsychotic medications. While these dr


How might fibre decrease diabetes risk? Your gut could carry the indications

Increased dietary fibre intake may lower Type 2 diabetes risk by fostering beneficial gut bacteria and metabolic byproducts, as per recent research on Hispanic adults.


Eggs may not be harmful to your heart health

Many individuals are cautious about consuming eggs due to concerns about their cholesterol levels and their impact on heart health. However, results from a controlled t


Among leafy green powerhouses, spinach packs an impact

Spinach has long been associated with Popeye, but the Hulk may be a better role model for healthy eating discussions. Packed with nutrients, spinach stands out among le


Mother's Recipe embarks Summer Wala Sharbat in five flavours

Mother’s Recipe, an Indian food brand, has introduced a Summer Wala Sharbat for the upcoming season, aligning with its goal of evoking nostalgia among consumers.


An avocado a day may enhance overall diet quality, researchers report

Consuming one avocado daily may enhance overall diet quality, as per research led by Penn State's Nutritional Sciences Department. Poor diet quality increases disease r


The Nutrition's Role in Fertility: Dietary Recommendations

Proper nutrition is crucial for fertility, impacting both male and female reproductive health. Informed dietary choices can enhance fertility potential and conception c


A natural molecule found in coffee and the human body raises NAD+ levels, and enhances muscle function during ageing

A research team led by Nestlé Research in Switzerland and the Yong Loo Lin School of Medicine, National University of Singapore (NUS Medicine), along with intern


Millions are at risk of using high-arsenic water for cooking

A recent University of Sheffield study highlights the health risks posed by elevated arsenic levels in water. Non-compliance with the World Health Organization's (WHO)


Caffeine vs. creatine: The influence on cognitive and physical performances

In a recent Nutrient study, researchers investigated the individual and combined effects of caffeine and creatine nitrate on cognitive and exercise performance in resis


Nutrition's crucial function in Alzheimer's progression disclosed

A recent study in Frontiers in Nutrition explored how nutrition impacts cognitive decline using data from 266 participants across the cognitive impairment spectrum. It


Healthy plant-based diets related to lower risk of obstructive sleep apnea

A study in ERJ Open Research suggests that a healthy, plant-based diet rich in vegetables, fruits, whole grains, and nuts reduces the risk of obstructive sleep apnea (O


Beetroot juice beats nitrate supplements in stimulating exercise performance

In a recent review published in Frontiers in Nutrition, US researchers examined the benefits of beetroot juice (BRJ) on exercise capacity and physiology. They found BRJ


Green tea does not diminish the risk of lung cancer

While tobacco remains the primary cause of lung cancer, other factors like diet, including tea consumption, have attracted attention. Green tea, rich in polyphenolic co


Nutrients like vitamin D and vitamin B12 potentially play a part in the risk of multimorbidity

In a recent study published in BMC Public Health, researchers explored the link between nutrient intake and multimorbidity, a significant concern worldwide, especially


Sweetened drinks correlated to atrial fibrillation risk

New research in Circulation: Arrhythmia and Electrophysiology suggest that adults consuming over two litres of sugar- or artificially-sweetened beverages weekly face a


Bigbasket associates with Sanjeev Kapoor to pitch Precia, a frozen foods brand

Bigbasket, a Tata Enterprise, introduces Precia, a frozen culinary line in collaboration with Padma Shree Awardee Sanjeev Kapoor. Chef Kapoor curated each recipe, utili


Child weight gain and metabolic risks: Fish oil consumption in pregnancy

The prevalence of childhood overweight and obesity has risen, partly due to environmental exposures during pregnancy, such as consuming n-3 long-chain polyunsaturated f


Ginseng improves muscle recovery and lessens fatigue in athletes

Ginseng, a popular food supplement derived from various plants and herbs, is renowned for its potential health benefits, including anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, and e


The correlation between embracing unhealthful dietary habits and migraine severity

The impact of diet on migraine severity is often underestimated. A recent study in Scientific Reports explored the link between migraine severity and unhealthy dietary


Nutrients control intestinal stem cell function and impact aging

University of Helsinki researchers discovered a novel link between nutrient adaptation in intestinal stem cells and ageing, offering insights into maintaining gut funct


Study indicates a link between increased levels of niacin and heart disease

Cleveland Clinic researchers have discovered a new pathway linked to cardiovascular disease arising from excessive niacin, a commonly recommended B vitamin for lowering


Ultra-processed foods could be the new 'silent' killer'

Ultra-processed foods, laden with additives like oils, sugars, and emulsifiers, constitute a significant portion of American diets, posing health risks despite minimal


Eating excessive protein is bad for your arteries because of an amino acid

A recent study from the University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine reveals that consuming over 22% of dietary calories from protein can heighten immune cell activation


Study reveals almonds enhance muscle recovery and performance post-exercise

A recent study suggests that consuming almonds may alleviate muscle discomfort during post-exercise recovery and enhance performance. Published in Frontiers in Nutritio


Beyond Snack Unveils Healthy Banana Chips in Coconut Oil Delivering Nutrition, Taste and Quality

Beyond Snack, a renowned Kerala banana chips brand introduces its latest product: Kerala Banana Chips in Coconut Oil, blending traditional chips with coconut oil. This


Comprehending vegan food regulations worldwide & India

The rise of veganism has sparked global demand for vegan food products, but establishing regulations has faced challenges. The market size was $19.7 billion in 2020, pr


Mediterranean and MIND diets could enhance cognitive health: a new study

A recent study proposes that adhering to Mediterranean or MIND diets may enhance memory and cognition in midlife. Analyzing 509 twins, researchers discovered that those


Salad Days grows its footprint to Mumbai

Salad Days, an innovative brand specializing in healthy foods, proudly announces the inauguration of its inaugural cloud kitchen in Mumbai's vibrant Chandivali district


Abbott launches a new malnutrition screening tool based on latest research existing frameworks

Abbott introduces a novel malnutrition diagnosis algorithm, aiming to enhance patient screening effectiveness after assessing the current diagnostic approach in a recen


Almonds voted as the ultimate snacking option for a healthy diet

In recent decades, lifestyle-related health issues have surged due to decreased physical activity, poor diets, increased stress, and inadequate sleep. These changes hav


Physical activity is inadequate to counter cardiovascular risk associated with sugar-sweetened beverage consumption

A recent study challenges the belief that physical activity outweighs the risks of cardiovascular disease from sugar-sweetened beverages.


Pregnant women should avoid ultra-processed fast foods, experts recommend

Research indicates that phthalates, chemicals found in plastics, can leach from packaging and plastic gloves into food. Ingested during pregnancy, these chemicals trave